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WiFi Booster: Buying Guide & Operations

by Patsy

A WiFi booster is a gadget that strengthens your WiFi signal by amplifying it, or to put it more simply, by boosting a weak signal. It is similar to revving up your car’s engine to make it move quicker. If you want to stream Netflix on your laptop but your house lacks sufficient WiFi connection, the wifi booster is your perfect answer.

How Does it Work?

WiFi boosters function by boosting the wireless signal from your base network, resulting in increased signal strength on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. They may be mounted on walls, ceilings, or floors to optimize coverage over a room or even a whole home.

They are mainly used in households or small companies and are available in two primary types:

  • The repeater: Passive repetitions These gadgets talk with your wireless network through radio waves and then broadcast the signal across your house. The repeater can amplify the signal by at least 50 percent, which is sufficient to reach huge houses and structures.
  • Active amplifiers: These devices boost the real router signal before transmitting it to an antenna. This form of amplifier works best in tiny settings, such as flats and condominiums, but may also be used in bigger structures.

If you’ve ever attempted to use WiFi at home and discovered that it doesn’t reach every room, you may want to consider purchasing a WiFi booster.

Benefits of Wifi Booster

Plug the device in and link it to your current router using an ethernet wire or Wi-Fi, and you’re all set!

  • Enhanced Coverage: With better coverage, you will be able to utilize your devices in more areas of your home without signal dips or pauses whether streaming films or playing online games.
  • Simple maintenance: Unlike conventional routers, which need continual updates, these devices require extremely minimal maintenance, since their antennas do not need to be replaced every few years.

What to Consider When Shopping for a WiFi Booster

Consider purchasing a WiFi booster if you want to improve WiFi coverage in your home. When purchasing a WiFi booster, you should consider the following features:


A WiFi booster’s range is measured in decibels (dB). The greater the dB number, the greater the range of your signal, and vice versa. By evaluating the size of your house or company and comparing it to the range of your preferred model, you may get a fair estimate of how much range you need.

Antenna Design

Some types include detachable antennae that may be swapped out for more powerful ones if required. Others have permanently attached antennae that cannot be changed.

WiFi Bands

Some devices support several WiFi bands, while others support either one or, at most, two. If you want to use your device in various areas of your house or business, you should seek for devices that support several bands.


This hidden technology is capable of enhancing the signals of your linked gadgets. Using this device the router will provide a stronger, more reliable, and quicker internet connection.

In General wifi boosters do make a difference. Having two routers makes the signal strong and reliable, and it eliminates dead patches that may lead you to be confused about what is wrong with your WiFi connection in a particular section of the home.

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