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Why You Should Consider Buying A Dry Washer

by Patsy

Gold! One of the earth’s greatest treasures to mankind. In the words of Goldmember himself in the 2002 Austin Powers movie, “I love gold! The look of it! The smell of it! The taste of it! The texture!” What’s there not to like about it?

A dry washer is a convenient way to find your gold amongst rocks. A dry washer operates by using air pressure to separate gold from rock and dirt material.

Benefits of a dry washer

There are several reasons why gold hunters are increasingly interested in using a dry washer instead of the conventional way of cleaning out gold.

Lightweight and portable

Considering the amount of work the machine is designed to perform, the dry washer is made from durable, lightweight materials. This is remarkable as it allows the machine to be relocated and move about so easily. Setting out to find gold and worrying about tugging along heavy machinery can be stressful. The dry washer design makes it an ideal portable machine for such expeditions.

It doesn’t need water

This is the selling point of the dry machine and what makes it unique from other alternatives. In the past, miners would have to find a large body of water, if they were lucky, and filter through the dirt, mud, and rocks to find gold. Since the dry washer operates without water, it is of great use in remote areas where there are no water bodies.

In the past, finding gold in dry, desert conditions required lots of manpower and logistics. However, with the air operational mechanism of the dry washer, it’s easy to work in dry and arid regions.

Ease of use

Surprisingly, the dry washer is easy to set up and use for a machine with several components. With relative technical experience working with machines, anyone can set it up. Consequently, maintenance is also fairly easy. Other cumbersome equipment would most likely require technical maintenance from expert technicians.

High efficiency

Amongst other benefits, the dry washer is very efficient in recovering gold. However, the machine must be used properly to achieve high efficiency. In other words, rocks must be broken into smaller sizes and dried. Wet dirt and rocks will ultimately reduce the efficiency of the machine. However, as long as it is used as recommended, it yields amazing results.

Low cost of purchase

Generally, gold prospecting equipment is known to be expensive. The cost is usually high, especially because of their large designs and number of components. However, the dry washer comes at an affordable price compared to other equipment. It gives buyers value for their money.


The dry washer is a great alternative to other gold prospecting equipment. It can recover gold without needing water. This is possible with its air pressure system separating gold from dirt and rock materials. A major differentiating factor between the dry washer and other equipment is that it is more affordable and easier to use.

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